Real Estate & Asset Management

A complete Management Service

Copping Joyce offer their clients a complete property management service designed to achieve maximum profitability. They act on behalf of clients ranging from Public Limited Companies to individual property owners.

The team at Copping Joyce are concerned with the full spectrum of commercial and residential property types, from industrial estates to residential apartment blocks. Our management surveyors have a thorough knowledge of the Landlord & Tenant and Housing Acts, Leasehold Enfranchisements Legislation and the different residential tenancies. They offer a complete Residential Lettings and Management service, including the preparation of tenancy agreements, notices and advice on rental.

Our asset managers assist our transactional teams in the selection of suitable assets to dispose of. In addition, they will assess a prospective asset purchase, identifying asset enhancement opportunities or risk. This expertise is fundamental in ensuring the right deal is done in order to maximise portfolio efficiency.

Our clients are kept up to date with the performance of their assets through the provision of regular financial statements and accounts. The management team works closely with the lease consultancy and agency teams to ensure that our client receive the best possible service and advice.