PUBLISHED: 28/12/21

Usually, the lender will request the potential receiver to produce a pre-appointment report on the property in question. As a lender, you will need to provide your receiver with as many relevant facts concerning the charged property as you can to ensure that these factors are reflected in the report.

The options report is much more than a simple valuation report and will also include a plan of action, setting out a recommended strategy. The report is likely to include a selection of possible options and a range of values based on each option.

Above all the report will contain recommendations as to how to achieve optimum efficient realisation in the light of prevailing market conditions.

Therefore the Options Report will include the following:-

  • Description of property
  • Condition and Title issues
  • Comparable data
  • Proposed disposal strategy
  • Likely values based on each disposal option
  • A statement that the receiver has relevant qualifications for this appointment
  • Estimated Costs
  • Estimated Timescales
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