Expert Witness

Richard Alford MRICS LETAPAWE, Chartered Surveyor, is a Registered Valuer and an accredited Expert Witness. He has a thorough knowledge and experience in the production of expert witness reports to meet the requirements of Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrators and is familiar with the requirements of the Courts and in particular Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules, accompanying Practice Direction, the protocol for the instruction of experts to give evidence in Civil Claims and the Practice Direction for Pre- Action Conduct.
In the particular case of Expert Reports for Court proceedings, Richard accepts appointments in the following circumstances:-
Advisory Expert
Shadow Expert (instructed by a party to assist behind the scenes)
Lead Expert
Jointly Appointed Expert (Part 35) instructed by the parties with permission of the Court to prepare a report and give evidence.
A Single Joint Expert (SJE)
Reports from an expert witness are required by law to assist The Court in matters of which the witness has expertise and must comply with the Civil Procedure Rules otherwise the Expert’s witness evidence will be struck out by the judge.

The brief principal is that the expert’s report must be the independent and unbiased professional opinion of the surveyor, and fall within his expertise i.e. it must be impartial and uninfluenced or paying the surveyor to give the evidence.